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Angellic Slumber Bonnet

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Are you tired of waking up to your bonnet on the other side of the bed? With this no slip bonnet have a worry free slumber knowing your edges will still be "played" and style will be protected ALL night. The no slip bonnet will Protect your hairline and hair  from breakage, frizz, tangling and helps your hair retain moisture in fashion with this fun stylish bonnet with the options of our Touched by Ange'lle logo in the center or vibrantly throughout the entire bonnet. Protect your natural crown or your investment of a protective style with this full coverage bonnet. This bonnet will cover all of your hair regardless of how thick or long your hair is rather its a wig install, bundles or braids full coverage is not longer a issue. The headband front keeps your edges intact and can be adjusted with the included bowtie. This investment is 100% silk and will last you years.