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Angellic Touch

Custom Crowns

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Please advised of the following when customizing your unit:



Frontal unit Requires A frontal & 3bundles minimum /4 bundles maximum



Closure unit Requires A closure & 3bundles minimum /4 bundles maximum



U part Requires 3bundles minimum/ 4 bundles maximum



Extra bundles provided can be sewn to unit for a extra fee. 10$ per bundle


Coloring services can be added on new bundles only!

Coloring results are not guaranteed ! but will be matched as close as possible!




Measurements are vital for your wig to fit properly. Please be sure to take accurate measurements.






For your assistance here a visual of how measurements should be taken for accuracy "HOW TO TAKE MEASUREMENTS VIDEO" is linked below:


(We do not own the rights to this video)


(Start the video start the video at about 2:34 marking to get straight to measurements )



Your hair hair doesnt have to be braided just make sure its as flat as possible for the most accurate measurements

(example ;if your hair isnt braided a LOW slicked pony …shorter hair slicked straight back)


Bundles and lace frontals &closures may be subject to pre-ordering

 Fulfillment time is 14 to 30 business days. Plus shipping time .

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